Before upgrading your agency management system, invest time in cleaning up your data

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Brenda DiCarlo Founder, IAAB

Brenda DiCarlo
Founder, IAAB

Agency management systems like AMS360 from Vertafore and TAM or EPIC from Applied Systems continue to transform our industry.

Agency management systems have evolved from simple accounting solutions to full blown total business management.  Those that use them would be lost without them!

The direct billing revolution  means less work for the agency but also lower per-customer commissions. Successful agencies now must focus on internal efficiencies, marketing, and getting the most out of their existing customer base in order to drive profits.

Vertafore and Applied Systems design their agency management systems to help improve productivity, streamline workflow processes, and facilitate better communication with carriers. However, just like any database, the end results are only as good as what you put into them. The results you receive are dependent on quality data sets. Agency management systems will not magically solve problems that arise from sloppy or inconsistent data, they can only work with what you provide them. This is otherwise known as garbage in, garbage out.

Before considering upgrading your current agency management system, you should take stock of your existing database and get into clean-up mode. Are physical and email addresses up to date? Do you have duplicate records?  Are your data fields relevant?  Do you have current contact information for each account?

Missing, messy, or out-of-date customer data represents lost opportunity for increasing revenue. Think about account rounding, targeted marketing, and sales opportunities — all are driven by data!

Before making an additional monetary investment upgrading your agency management system, invest some human capital in making sure your data is ready for prime time.

At IAAB, we focus on your accounting data.  If you need help taking the “trash” out of your processes and systems, give us a call today. 860.614.7268

Brenda DiCarlo
Founder and President

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