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IAAB is the leading remote bookkeeping & accounting firm for Applied Epic and Vertafore AMS360 agencies. IAAB, formed in 2007 to help Independent Insurance Agencies throughout the United States manage their accounting and bookkeeping. currently has 20 staff members working in Connecticut.

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IAAB Record Direct Bill Commission

Record Direct Bill Commission

IAAB invoices or reconciles your direct bill commission.  If your agency has staff invoicing (transacting) commission from policy documents we reconcile this invoicing with the company commission statements.  If your agency invoices (transacts) commission from the company commission statements we provide this service.  In either case we always reconcile the commission received with the transactions in your management system.

Reconcile & Pay Agency Bill Premiums

IAAB monitors your open agency bill premium payables for customer payments and pays the carrier when due. We remit premiums via paper check for you to authorize, ACH or pay on the carriers website.  We work with your staff and the insurance company staff to ensure records are in agreement.

IAAB Reconcile Pay Agency Bill Premiums
IAAB Prepare Interpret Financial Statements

Reconcile General Ledger Accounts

IAAB has accountants on staff skilled in reconciling all accounts reported on your financial statements, providing agency principals with the details needed to successfully manage.  Agency's bank accounts are reconciled several times throughout the month. Customer accounts receivable and company premium payables are balanced.

Prepare & Interpret Financial Statements

IAAB has accountants on staff who prepare & review your agency's financial reports each month.  We provide you with a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Production reports and reports of Open Receivables & Open Payables. We also offer ad hoc reporting to answer your specific questions.   All agencies have the opportunity to review their reports with a staff accountant.

IAAB Reconcile General Ledger Accounts
IAAB Pay Vendor Invoices

Pay Vendor Invoices

IAAB pays your approved vendor bills via paper check for you to authorize, or use your bank's billpay system, or pay on the vendor website.

Reconcile Customer Accounts Receivable

IAAB records your customer payments and regularly provides you with reports of unpaid balances.  We assist agency staff with invoicing.

IAAB Reconcile Customer Accounts
IAAB Process Payroll

Process Payroll

IAAB reports your payroll to the third-party payroll provider of your choice.  We handle the remittance of retirement plan contributions and the updates to employee records.  Agencies looking for a change in payroll providers, IAAB can host your payroll software through Intuit's Online Payroll for Accountants.